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Quatre mil petites evasions

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Barcelona flavour’s imbued, Quatre mil petites evasions is a poetic post-adolescence itinerary from 1995 to 2000. This book shows a vital research in the intellectual maturiry reflected by some existentian frustration. This was Solano’s first published book that according to the Catalan writer Ivan Alonso it’s “a first attempt to communicate, a own voice’s research, a poetic identity /…/ the poet’s first spatters who want to broadcast his words as far as possible“.

The professor Jaume Radigales underlines “the inherent youth of this author is shown in many poems. There’s a riot aftertaste that I would like to underline because it seems than Pep revolts against some of the generational events and facts that he has to experience. That’s how the author faces current social problems like anorexia (with an indeniable influence of Apollinaire or Salvat-Papasseit) and how Pep is still able to reclaim avant-gardes’ real spirit. But not only that: Pep faces those problems even claiming dadaism in our life: It was a game:/ To build a dadaist poem/ with newspapers’ words/ chosen by luck./ A nonsense./ One between much others I did. Exact.”