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Life is like a 24 hours’ road-movie with no rehearsals: the clapperboard went clap and you’re on.

Here’s what I’ve done so far…


Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Professor Assistant, Since June 2020
Tokyo, JPBarcelona, CT

Assistant professor in Communication Bachelor Degree at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (Open University of Catalonia) which was the first online university in Europe is a high honour and responsability position. I enjoy teaching because I love sharing my knowledge and large experience with my students.

Instituto Cervantes Tokio
Catalan professor, Since June 2020
Tokyo, JP

Teaching in Spanish government’s official language and cultural centre teaching my mothertongue Catalan is an extraordinary experience for me. I believe that Catalan language is a very important language and very useful if you live in Andorra, Catalonia and other Catalan speaking countries. Also it’s very important to explain and broadcast everywhere not just our language but also our culture and traditions.

Asia-Pacific Press Contributor, Since June 2020
Tokyo, JP

Contributing to Gara and all Naiz media from the Asia – Pacific region is very challenging. Basque country is the oldest nation in Europe and people from there are really proud of their roots and traditions. My contributing work wants to bring Asia closer to Basque readers focusing on their interests and points of view.

El Punt Avui
Asia-Pacific Press Correspondent, Since January 2020
Tokyo, JP

Starting this new post as a press correspondent in Asia-Pacific I found myself involved in the most important health crisis in the last century. At first the pandemic afflicted China, then Asia and after the whole globe. I have been reporting about this move but also I covered about cultural and social issues. Freelance journalism, especially as a foreign correspondent, is stressful, expensive and nerve-wracking but the enthusiasm for work well done is my commitment to provide the best and most reliable information to our readers.

Josep Solano OÜ
Founder and Executive Manager, Since December 2019
Tallinn, EE

A big business start small and it’s best value is people who are working with. I’ve heard somewhere that if you don’t try to build your own dream, someone will hire you to help build other people’s dreams, and this is totally true. Communication at it’s best with the best from New York to Tokyo passing by Barcelona, Brussels and Tallinn. I always said that to establish a good communication first step means listening, understanding and most important is hearing what isn’t said.

Universitat de Manresa FUB
Professor of Communication and Social Media, Fall – Winter 2019
Manresa, CT

Even if it was for few months, teaching Communication, Mobile Apps and Social Media in a university for seniors was an amazing experience. My goal was to make some critical reflections about out times’ communication as an expert in this area. The experience was awesome in both sides of the class.

Foment de l’Alfabetització Digitals dels Sèniors
Co-founder & Executive Manager, Since January 2018
Barcelona, CT
Leading a project to help and teach elder people about digital literacy was one of my dreams after seeing how digital gap have a negative influence on our parents and grandparents. The main goal of this organization is not to leave older adults out of the digital world and trying to include them using the mobile phone as a main tool. Since 2018 we’ve helped hundreds of senior adults how to use in a proper way their mobile phone devices and the best apps for their security and better quality of life.

Co-founder & Editor-in-chief, May 2004 – January 2016
Brussels, BE

The journal eurotribune.eu was a multilingual online journal which I was honoured to be it’s editor-in-chief. This romantic project’s goal was to approach the European Union project to its citizens by providing information and opinion from EU institutions which is not broadcasted in general media. During these years leading this project, eurotribune.eu became one of the most popular media among the EU sphere and I had the chance to meet the most important European key deciders.

Europa Technologies & Communication
Founder & Executive Manager, May 2003 – January 2016
Brussels, BE

The company was founded with the basis of mixing information and new technologies’ goals. At that time there were no smartphones and Internet and websites were only able for big companies. I founded this company with the aim to widespread and provide both services in one single company.

Ràdio Televisió d’Andorra
Journalist, September 2002 – March 2003
Andorra la Vella, AD

Going to Andorra to work in the main public national radio and television broadcaster was well worth even if it was for few months. Despite the high tension there and some negative moves in the company, I’ve met and worked with such great professionals some of them working now in other important media.

Les Films de la Passerelle
Communication assistant, January – August 2002
Liège, BE

Les Films de la Passerelle specializes in documentary films committed on various levels: social, humanitarian, political and North-South relations. They’re a group of excellent professionals lead by two great professionals like Christine and Thierry that they still produce great audiovisual productions broadcasted in the main worldwide television channels.

Diari d’Andorra
Journalist, September 2000 – December 2001
Andorra la Vella, AD

My very first professional experience as a journalist was in printed newspaper in the main Andorran journal as a Culture editor. I learned the most important lessons in this profession thanks to Robert Pastor and many other professionals working there at that time than became lifetime friends.

Televisió de Catalunya TV3
Popular Culture Department Intern, January – June 2000
Sant Joan Despí, CT

TV3 in Catalonia is one of the most beloved public institutions and I had the privilege to work there as an intern in the Popular Culture department. There I worked with some of the best and committed professionals I’ve ever worked in my life like Felip Solé i Sabaté or Jordi Arbonès, aka ‘Nif’. I have excellent memories of all the team working in this department.

Facultat de Ciències de la Comunicació Blanquerna
Promotion of 2000
Barcelona, CT

I’m really grateful to have enjoyed my best days in my life learning and having a good time in this University. I will never forget the lessons I’ve learned in my Alma Mater in and out the class. I had the privilege to learn from the best and to share experiences with high level students which most of them are now leading communication professionals.