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Estacions · Seasons · Estaciones · 四季

Estacions · Seasons · Estaciones · 四季 is Solano’s return to poetry after 15 years without publishing it. Shaked, shocked and surpassed emotionally after a trip to Japan, the author draws inspiration from one of the main pillars of Japanese poetry to write poetry through Haiku.

Inspired by Japanese culture, nature and seasons, the book has more than 200 compositions written in Catalan, Spanish, English and Japanese. This volume has been the result of almost three years of composition work and has had the collaboration of the Japanese translator and adapter, Hiroshi Kato.

The Catalan writer, Elisa Riera, says in the prologue “when I read them, I am excited and I think again about the amount of feelings that can only be transmitted with only three verses”. Riera also affirms that the poems of the author “are a continuous scattering of thoughts, experiences, sensations, desires… that I’m sure they will make us revive some moments of our life”.